I'm currently working as the lead graphic designer and photographer at Ragstock, a retail clothing company based in Minneapolis, MN. My work includes creating digital and print marketing content, such as in store flyer and signs,  website content upkeep on Ragstock.com, and creating and scheduling daily emails for the Ragstock email list. 

My duties also include ideating design and photo concepts for seasonal marketing campaigns. I have chosen our recent Back-to-school campaign, as well as our current Halloween campaign to illustrate how photo and design standards are followed throughout print and digital outputs. 
As the lead photographer, I am tasked with managing photoshoots. This includes choosing models, steaming and styling all outfits, taking photos with a dSLR, and editing product photos. I also like  to explore different methods of flat lay photography and other still product photos to use for web and social media content. 

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